Heal Your Heart Program 2015-16

Written by Heal Your Heart on . Posted in Heart Health

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The fifth annual Heal Your Heart program begins this week. There are many new exciting changes to the program. While we have focused primarily on an inside-out approach the last few years, the program takes a new turn this year. In addition to the inside-out approach, we have added an outside-in component. This component begins with an individual assessment of your constitution and proceeds with a lifestyle plan based on this.

Why is this important? Clearly, one size does not fit all. What seems to be the right diet and lifestyle for one isn’t right for another.

Where does this wisdom come from? The answer is Ayurveda, literally translated as “science of life”.

The program this year will consist of 18 sessions over 6 months. You will learn how your unique constitution responds to the environment, to health and to disease and how to return the body and mind to balance.

For information and to register, please contact: Ann DePetris, RN at ann.depetris@gmail.com or 248.840.8081.