Stillness in Action: Aaron’s Presents

Written by Matt Bartlett on . Posted in Charity of the Month, Stillness In Action

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For this month’s Stillness in Action donation we are highlighting the work of Aaron’s Presents. Aaron’s Presents is a registered 501(c)(3) charitable organization giving young kids an opportunity to dream up and carry out a project that benefits others and impacts their community in positive ways. If you appreciate their mission as much as we did, please donate along side of us in any amount you are comfortable contributing by clicking here.

Aaron’s Presents was started in 2013 by Leah Okimoto as a way to honor the memory of her son Aaron. Aaron lived for 8 ½ days and in this short time he touched the lives of many people by demonstrating his strength of spirit, his will to live, his ability to elicit love and compassion and the fragility of human life. Aaron inspired his parents to honor his life by enabling young children to tap into their innate idealism, kindness and compassion and, by coupling these with their diverse talents and creativity, to achieve tangible results benefiting their families, neighborhoods and larger communities, and themselves.

Aaron’s Presents offers grants, support and mentorship to children in the eighth grade or below who are willing to take the initiative to turn their thoughtful, creative ideas into reality. Aaron’s Presents helps children realize that they have something valuable to give to the world at every age and at every stage of life, and that giving of themselves for the benefit of others brings happiness, healing and purpose. In the process, these children will not only experience the joy that comes from helping others and working to uplift their community, but also gain valuable leadership skills.

Aaron’s parents wanted to find a way to encourage children from an early age to regard themselves as members of a community, with the ability and responsibility to contribute, help and problem-solve, to think of others’ needs alongside their own, and to create meaningful connections between themselves and other human beings. Seeing children acting in thoughtful, generous and selfless ways while having fun has brought his family a great deal of joy and healing.