Stillness in Action: Heritage of Healing

Written by Matt Bartlett on . Posted in Charity of the Month

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Heal Your Heart is pleased to announce its first Stillness in Action donation will be made to the Heritage of Healing program. This organization is a great example of a local charity making a difference in its community. If others are also moved to support the work of Heritage of Healing, contributions can be made by visiting Heritage of Healing’s  donation page.

Heritage of Healing is a 501 (c), volunteer-driven organization that is based in Ypsilanti, Michigan and provides personal and community support to low-income families that are battling cancer. The charity accomplishes this through its Heritage of Healing Relief Program, which provides locally grown produce, nutrition workshops, monthly “Walk for Health” fitness walks, children’s school supplies, winter clothing, gas cards, and Christmas gift cards to needy children and their families while they cope with cancer treatment. Heritage of Healing also makes cancer awareness and prevention a major focus of its service, especially in the American Indian community, where cancer diagnosis is disproportionately high. In addition, the charity also organizes monthly movie nights, craft workshops, and occasional brunches for cancer treatment patients and their families. 

The organization aims to provide a robust support network for cancer patients and their families in the Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti area. One of its goals is to eventually provide housing to low-income families with a member who is receiving treatment at the University of Michigan Hospital. The specific goals are laid out on the Heritage of Healing website, which can be found here: They also have a page on Facebook, which can be found here

The founder of Heritage of Healing, Soshana Philips, has been battling bone marrow cancer since 2006. She is a mother of three children and decided to found the charity out of her own experience, strength, and hope. Soshana’s story can be found here: