Stillness in Action: NEEV Public School

Written by Matt Bartlett on . Posted in Charity of the Month

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For this month’s Stillness in Action charitable donation, we are donating to and highlighting the work of the NEEV school in India. The NEEV Public School was founded in 2006 in Jharkand, India, with the aim of providing a good quality, ICSE-based English education to underprivileged sections of the society at an affordable cost. The school has been helping kids in rural areas by providing them with a holistic education that nurtures their body, mind, soul and spirit. NEEV seeks to create a nurturing environment where children can go to learn, while also discovering their unique aim and purpose in life.

In the U.S. many take for granted access to public schooling and the educational resources that are available to our children. These resources are not readily available in many parts of the world. In Jharkhand the situation with respect to education is grim, particularly with respect to females. In the East Singhbhum district where NEEV operates, the average literacy rate for girls is a mere 47%. By donating to the school or sponsoring a student, you are helping to create a once in a lifetime opportunity for these children to come out of the degrading circle of poverty and illiteracy, which will not only impact their lives, but the lives of generations to come. When we invest in the future of children, we are investing in the future of the world.

The school itself is only sustainable with sponsorships and donations. If you feel so moved, we encourage you to contribute along side of us to this worthy cause.